2019 Web Design Trends

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Clients partner with our graphic design services company to create unique solutions to their communications problems. Since a company website is such a critical business tool, many who contact us for a complimentary project assessment are looking to refresh or create a new website.
The world of web design changes rapidly, so it’s important to partner with a graphic design services company who is aware of and prepared to deliver the latest web design trends. As we make web design decisions, the user experience and the effectiveness of a website for our Client’s business are always the top priorities.
Then we consider what 2019 web design trends are best for that Client’s website.

Deliver a Stellar User Experience

One thing is always top of mind when we work with Clients to design a new or update an existing website—a stellar user experience. The impacts on the user experience must be carefully considered when we design a new or refresh an existing website. Users are incredibly busy and interact with a lot of digital noise every day.
Our graphic design services company collaborates with our Clients to find the website solution that best balances eye-catching design yet prioritizes speed.  Users will wait less than 3 seconds for your website to load before moving on to the next site. As of July 2018, Google search algorithms prioritize fast-loading web pages on mobile. Therefore, site speed is a crucial factor when we are making website design decisions.

Stand Out and Be Effective

It’s important that every company website is able to stand out from the competition while still being effective. You want your website to look fresh and modern (not stale) while at the same time able to endure for several years even though there will always be new web design trends to tap into. We help our Clients understand what changes can be implemented today that will have the most lasting impact on your ROI. Depending on your business and goals, our graphic design services company can help you determine the right website solution for you.

Top 7 Web Design Trends for 2019

While we are watching several trends in the industry, we think these are the top web design trends for 2019:
1.    Simplicity
Simple does not mean boring, but it can mean better performance. Sometimes referred to as flat design, these websites are very mobile-friendly. This is critical since more web searches take place on mobile devices than computers and you want your website to look beautiful and perform effectively on mobile devices.
2.    Color (blocks and gradients)
Blocks of color are being used to denote different sections on a website and also to call attention to certain features and content. Color blocks can add visual structure to your site without impacting the site’s speed. The use of tasteful gradients is also a popular 2019 web design trend.
3.    Typography as tools
Many brands are creating their own fonts and we see a lot of experimentation when it comes to bold uses of typography and fonts on websites. This trend will gain traction in 2019 as a way to help a website stand out.
4.    Diagonal lines
Another way to make a website stand out is to experiment with using diagonal lines to separate sections of the website. The majority of sites use a horizontal and grid-like organization for their sites so those using diagonal lines offer a unique visual element that will differentiate them from others.
5.    Bold shapes
Many graphic design services companies are using bold shapes to add dimension to sites without adding to the website’s load times. Shapes are a very effective design element.
6.    Videos
While it might seem counter intuitive to our goal of keeping website speeds quick, video backgrounds are a fantastic way to make a big impact, increase conversions, tell your company’s story effectively, and add motion to your site.
7.    Animations
A little bit of animation, even subtle for hover states, can direct users effectively to different areas of a website and communicate that their actions have been recognized. Used strategically, micro-animations can be a very useful feature for your website.

What 2019 Web Design Trend is Right for Your Project?

In order to make a decision about what 2019 web design trend is right for your project, we need to learn more about your specific goals, budget, and time constraints. All you need to do is schedule a 15-minute complimentary project assessment with our graphic design services company to get the conversation going.
We also invite you to download our free checklist to catapult the success of your website project.
What web design trends have you seen and think might be popular in 2019?

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