8 Ways to Make your Website User-Friendly

make your website user-friendly

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Your website can have all the bells and whistles, extraordinary design aesthetic and out-of-the-box features, but if it isn’t user-friendly, it won’t drive business for you. When it’s all said and done, that’s precisely what most businesses demand their website to accomplish. Here are 8 ways to make your website user-friendly.

1. It’s all about the user

There’s a reason ‘user-friendly’ became synonymous with what makes a good website. Ideally, every business should solicit input from their community of customers and really listen to what they need and want in a website. If your website is able to provide what they seek, it will automatically increase its user-friendliness. The user should be central to any design and content decisions you make. Understand your user(s) and build a journey around it.

2. The faster load times the better

Customers will give your site just three seconds to load before they bail and find what they are looking for elsewhere. Since 52.2 percent of all website traffic globally was generated through mobile devices, it is critical that you prioritize your website’s speed when you make decisions about must-have features.

3. Search needs to be super easy

Even when you do all that you possibly can think of to make navigating your site easy for every user, there will be some who still need or want to search for what they need. Make sure your website’s search feature is easy to find and effective’

4. Contact us

Ensure that if a customer needs to contact you, they can find very quickly how to do so. Include not only an email address, but a phone number, your mailing, and physical addresses, as well as a form to complete if they choose to. You want to address every user’s preferred mode of contact  and make sure that if they can’t find the answer they need on your site, it’s very easy to take the next step and contact your organization

5. Simple calls to action

Be sure to include reminders that help nudge users toward the action you want them to take on each page. ‘Click here to order,’ ‘Contact us,’ ‘Get your free X,’ and more should be strategically placed throughout your site to drive visitors to engage with your company.

6. Easy-to-consume content

Users are inundated with content, but your website content will appeal to them if you provide easy-to-skim headers, subheads, and bullets or lists for them to quickly pick up what you want them to understand about your content. Content should also be written in simple language and you should avoid jargon your target audience wouldn’t be familiar with.

7. Use graphics to enhance the text

Videos and photos are very compelling on a website especially when you use your own photos and not stock images, but be sure to balance graphic details with content. They should complement, not compete with one another. Once you attract a user to the page with stunning visuals, be sure to provide them with the information they seek in the content.

8. Favor simplicity

When you are trying to determine features to add to your site, always err on the side of simplicity. While your website is a critical communication tool for your business, it’s not the only touch point you have with your target audience. Provide information in a compelling and attractive way and be sure to make it easy for customers to continue the conversation with strong calls-to-action and contact us information.
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In your opinion, what makes a website user-friendly?

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