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10 Expert Tips to Effective Advertising

effective advertising

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If you’re hoping to attract new customers and present your company as a step above the rest, then it’s absolutely necessary for you to utilize effective advertising. The way for your business to thrive and succeed is not only by retaining the customers it already has but by generating new ones. Without new customers, your business will inevitably fail.
Luckily, we have 10 Expert Tips for you to follow to ensure that you are educated on producing successful and effective advertising, regardless of which promotional tool you may decide on using. If executed correctly, advertising campaigns are a great investment to make in your business.
effective advertising

1. Focus on Your Target Audience

Be sure to select a target market that is the best match for your business. It is very important for you to choose a specific group of individuals to selectively focus on appealing to. These prospects would obviously get the most use out of your product or service. Do enough research so that you know just how to market your product/service to its greatest potential with the most effective advertising. Don’t be a generalist and try to be everything to everyone. Instead, focus on a specific target market to secure the attention of that group.

2. Emphasize Your Competitive Advantage

It is vital to highlight the benefits that your company brings to its customers. They must know exactly what you are offering, as well as what your competitive advantage is over other brands. Customers need you to tell them exactly what they need from you so they can confidently invest their money in a company in which will bring them more benefits than any other competitor.

3. Don’t Allow a Budget To Control Your Campaign

If you firmly constrain yourself with a strict budget for your campaign, it may reduce its effectiveness. It is important to note that you have to spend money to make money. It is vital to allocate your money where it will create the most effective advertising. It’s well worth investing in your campaign where it truly matters because this will generate results that will bring in new customers and more revenue. There are definitely ways for you to save money, although it’s important to note that effective advertising simply isn’t the place to cut budgets. A budget in this department may dramatically affect your outcome in a negative way.

4. Establish a Distinguishable Image

The trick to effective advertising is to make sure to make your business distinctly stands out from the competition. Customers want to see the best of the best and need to know why it’s important for them to choose you. Your company must establish a strong brand image that looks appealing and reliable, thereby, embedding into their memory more so than competing brands.

5. Use a Powerful Headline and Captivating Graphics

Write a headline that makes your offer seem urgent. This will make it seem more necessary for the prospect to contact you immediately. Make sure your headline creates positive perceptions around your brand. It’s important to ensure that prospects will remember your campaign not only by the way it looks, but for what it says so that it sticks within their minds longer.
effective advertisingEffective advertising we developed for Robertet, Priority One Jets, Comar, Berkeley Plaza, and Auchentoshan.

6. Make Your Offer Easy and Convenient

Propose an offer to your customer that will make it seem as risk-free as possible. If they have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, then they will be more likely to contact you. Make sure you also allow for a simple way to be contacted. If your offer doesn’t seem convenient and/or imperative, then they will want to do it later, and eventually just completely forget to contact you.

7. Diversify Your Advertisement

Make sure your campaigns slightly vary each time and are an extension of the previous to keep the story going. If the advertisements always resemble themselves or other brands, your ads will become boring or even unmemorable. Experiment with your campaign and try new things in order to create the most effective advertising. 
CCG Pro Tip: Remember to track success and ROI.
effective advertising

8. Advertise the Right Way

Research. Research. Research. It’s important to know everything about your target market. Don’t bother with placement that won’t provide you as good of a return as others. Make sure to invest your money where it works, and not waste capital on ads that your target market won’t pay attention to. You can choose between print or digital mediums such as brochures, emails, flyers, magazines, website banners, event journals or other visual displays, depending on the behavior of your niche market.

9. Test Your Ad in Advance

If you don’t have a tight time constraint, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a focus group together to receive feedback on your ad before it reaches the public eye. This a good idea if you don’t want to risk spending all of your money on a new advertisement that is risky and/or questionable.

10. Monitor Your Ads

Make sure you pay close attention to your ads once they go public to see what works and what doesn’t. Follow through and make sure that you ask new customers where they first heard about you to see exactly where your campaign was most effective. Use traceable CTA’s if possible. This will make it easier for you to develop your next effective advertising campaign by analyzing these results to ensure you are not duplicating any mistakes.  

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effective advertisingAdverts we developed for Schultz Furrier, Solazyme, Gibbons P.C., Nationwide Medical Billing, and Proviser.



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