Eight Is Great!

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Today our creative studio turns eight, and we think that’s great! It’s a number that, while taking a ‘nap,’ represents the infinity symbol. A favorable number associated with prosperity, eight, according to the Egyptians, signifies the balance of the cosmic order. Whatever that means. 

Over the past 12 months, we’ve cemented many new relationships with manufacturers that supply ingredients, aroma molecules, actives, flavors, and fragrances to significant household brands — and boy, do we need these brands now more than ever. (#lysol #purell)We’ve also worked in a few new industries, which enabled us to practice our invaluable outside perspective. As usual, our achievements have not gone unrecognized by our community of peers. 

The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts acknowledged our Firmenich Digital Interactive Benefits Guide as a Silver Award-winner. Also recognized, our Marotta Corporate Brochure, as well as our Colgate ‘Moments’ Collection Demo Kit, both winning a Gold!

Horizon Interactive voted Bronze for our Jayhawk Corporate Brochure while we also grabbed a Gold for our very own Costello Creative Group Website.

But of all the incredible things that happened this year, the highlight was our office move from Woodbridge to Sayreville into a modern-day studio that’s been future-proofed for growth. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the world’s control, we were only able to enjoy it for 4-weeks before the state lockdown. We remain confident that we’ll be back at our desks in the coming weeks.

Wrapping it up, to our distinguished Clients, creative team, trusted partners, and admirable mentors – you are just a few of the people we’re extra thankful for especially now during these trying times. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to help advance and elevate so many brands without these relationships in place. To that end, I’d like to thank you for the continued support and for placing your trust in our creative team to craft memorable brand experiences. 

Whether it be branding initiativesprint collateral, or digital solutions, I can speak for all of us at CCG when I say we’re proud to play an instrumental role in the tactical implementation of the tools that help you attract prospects, retain critical accounts, and recruit top talent. 

So here’s to another year of growth and prosperity, and we invite you to come along for the ride. 

Stay safe and healthy,

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