5 Things a Design Firm Needs to Know to Estimate your Next Project

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When you have a project that needs the professional expertise of a fragrance and flavor design firm, you might wonder what information is used to determine a price estimate.

While we can’t speak for every design firm, at Costello Creative Group, there are five things we need to understand in order to give you an estimate for your print and digital design projects.

1. Scope of project

One of the first things we discuss when clients approach us to handle a fragrance and flavor design project is the scope of the project. A website or product packaging design take different resources to achieve than sales collateral material. Often, clients come to us to support one project, but after discussing their goals we collectively determine other communication solutions that would complement the original project.
For example, a client might originally engage us to design a new mobile-responsive website to help sell their products or services, but after talking with us decide to invest in search engine optimization. Another client might be preparing for a trade show and call us to design a trade show booth.
After our consultation, and in order to create a cohesive exhibit experience, they decide we should also design and produce retractable banners, displays, and hand-outs attendees can take with them.

2. Assets you already have

To accurately estimate a project, our team needs to understand if your project is a refresh of something existing or if it’s a brand new project and what content or photography you might have that can be used. Do you have established brand guidelines (style guide) that we will work from or do you need our team to help drive those decisions?
We can work with your organization’s established brand guidelines or help you develop them if you don’t have them. We can usually work with design assets you already have or will explain why we recommend updating them for your fragrance and flavor design project. It’s just a point we consider when understanding the resources our team will bring to the collaboration.

3. Resources on your team

In some cases, our clients have an internal marketing team who reaches out to the Costello Creative Group so we can provide additional marketing muscle on a particular project. We collaborate with internal marketing teams to divide and conquer the more creative tasks that need to be achieved. Understanding roles and responsibilities of what will be done by our team instead of the internal team is important to estimate the project.

4. Ancillary costs

As a full-service chemical, fragrance and flavor design firm, we provide turnkey service to our clients if they want it. From scheduling and art directing a photo shoot to going on-press to ensure high-quality output from printers, we can support a wide spectrum of marketing needs. Depending on the project, there can be additional production costs that can impact estimates.

5. Deadlines

We are driven by deadlines in the chemical, fragrance and flavor design industry. If you have an aggressive deadline that needs to be met, you can count on us to work with you in order to make that happen. Hitting the deadline you need for your design project might require hiring additional staff to support the work in a shorter timeframe and therefore, we need to understand your deadline needs.
As your partner in business, we listen to understand your project objectives to learn what your project requires to be successful. Contact us today for a complimentary project assessment.

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