How much value does your website bring to your organization?

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One of the first questions we get at Costello Creative Group when someone contacts us to provide graphic design for small business or develop a new or alter an existing website is, ‘How much is this going to cost?’ The short answer is, ‘It depends.’
We’re not being evasive; there are just too many unknown variables to give you an accurate answer.

To illustrate, if someone asked, ‘What will a car cost?’ you would need to get a lot more information such as do you want a new or pre-owned vehicle, what make and model, and even what part of the country you live in, before you could give you an accurate answer. That’s the same with website development.

How much is the website worth to you?

Instead of starting the conversation with, ‘How much will this cost?’ it is often helpful to assess the reasons a quality website is important for your business and ask, ‘How much is this website worth to me?’
Since a website acts as the billboard for your company, it can be quite effective at selling your products or services. What if you were able to recoup your investment for a high-quality website with just a handful of sales? What would it be worth?

What does a website do for your organization?

In order to assess how much a website is worth, let’s look at what a website does for your organization:

  • 24/7 promotion: Even in the middle of the night, your website can provide information about your products and services to those who are looking for information. More than 90% of internet users research products and services online before making a buying decision and haven’t made up their mind about a brand before starting the search.
  • Credibility: Through testimonials and just having an online presence, your website gives your business credibility. Most people will research your company online before picking up the phone to Let’s Talk.
  • Customer service: Whether you have an e-commerce or brochure site, it serves a vital customer service function by providing prospective customers with information about why they should do business with you and help answer questions even when human personnel isn’t available.
  • Marketing: Your website is the anchor for many marketing initiatives that include blogs, social media links and more. Many online marketing strategies are cost-effective and very lucrative for businesses.

What considerations go into pricing out a website?

When you are looking for a professional to help you build a new website or update your existing website, there are a few considerations that could impact the fee for the work.

  • How experienced is the website design and development team? If this is their first rodeo, expect the pricing to reflect their lack of experience. Engaging with an agency with expertise and samples of previous projects that are in your niche can be very beneficial. In some cases, the lowest bid might backfire when some of the expected functionality doesn’t work and other resources need to be hired to fix it.
  • How involved will your team be in the project? Agencies may price out their project differently depending on your involvement. While collaboration is required and expected, if the agency’s team conducts weekly check-ins with your team, that might cost more than a monthly check-in.
  • Do you require the website to be completed on an aggressive schedule? If you need your website done on an accelerated schedule, expect to have to pay for the design and development team’s dedicated time to hit the schedule.
  • Is there a developed marketing/branding strategy?

Before we can estimate a cost for your website, we need to understand what features you want included and what images and content you might already have available.

Here are a few of the considerations:

  • What features do you want on your website? Variables that impact the costs of building out your desired features include the expertise required, how complex those features are and if it is custom work.
  • Is this a brand new website or do you have assets that can be repurposed?
  • What are the latest technology and website design/development trends that should be included to keep the site relevant for several years?
  • What search engine optimization strategies will be implemented?
  • What integrations with third-party applications will be required?

At Costello Creative Group, we help you develop a solution for your business, not just a website. It’s critical that your website not only encourage purchases but empowers your brand. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn more about our website design and development process and learn what we could do for your organization.

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