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I’m proud to announce that George Costello Creative is now Costello Creative Group! As we celebrate our fifth year of solving communication challenges, we’ve officially refreshed our brand to reflect our own brand values, mission, and vision, as well as those of the clients we serve.

As we continue to build our team, develop and deepen partnerships, and focus on larger scale initiatives that deliver stronger, more comprehensive solutions, we felt our identity should reflect this growth with a modern aesthetic. I hope you love it as much as we do! And it’s just the start.

We can’t wait to share our ideas for how design-driven solutions can help you reach your goals, particularly our rebrand.

Humble Beginnings

‘If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.’
—Henry Ford

On May 22, 2012, I lost what I considered to be my dream job. It was what I always wanted to do when I ‘grew up’ – work for a large corporation that appreciated my talents and vision while recognizing the value that I brought to their organization with innovative ideas and solutions that generated revenue. I fought extremely hard to land this position; like four interviews over the course of a year hard! About 8 years after I began my role as a Graphic Designer with a promotion to Art Director it was over in an instant. I was absolutely crushed as my Father was dying and my Wife had lost her job a few weeks prior. The world was crumbling around us. I felt betrayed, but I had the drive and determination to start my own business knowing full well that failure was not an option. I started hustling and reaching out to all my freelance clients. The work started flooding in, I began forging new relationships, and after a year, I found myself working in a local (co)working space only a half mile from my home. I remember how random it was that I ended up there. If I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s the importance of relationships in business. There have been so many people that have contributed to our success since this story began. After two years, as our team grew and we began busting at the seams, we moved into a shared office space with Technology Visionaries, an MSP, where we still reside today.

A few of our more refined sketches

Why the Rebrand?

‘Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.’
—Simon Mainwaring

Many organizations rebrand every 7-10 years and it’s typically based on a number of factors. For some it’s a merger, repositioning, a change of markets, a new CEO, or perhaps an outdated visual identity. For us, it’s a recipe of five key items.

  1. Modernization. The GCC brand received many compliments over the years. But, it was time to clean it up, make it fresh, and more versatile. We retained a few core elements to pay homage to GCC. We kept our magenta in the ‘G’ and we used the type treatment from our GCC icon for the initial caps in Costello Creative Group.
  2. Better Audience Representation. The F&F sector is a highly creative sensorial industry. We tried to imagine what color palette was representative of such a fun, compelling space as well as what shapes and forms would speak to the people with whom the brand is connecting with most.
  3. Focus on Collaboration. When I started GCC I had no plan other than to pay the bills using my talents. But as time went on, I saw how this could be a sustainable and scalable business. And it was no longer about me anymore. Armed with a talented group of individuals, with different skillsets, each providing their ingredients to our recipe for success. The different personalities, cultures, educations, experience, ideas, and vantage points are the value we bring to our clients.
  4. Turn-Key Solutions. We don’t try to be everything to everyone. That’s the reason I never refer to us as an Agency or Marketing Firm. We know what we do well and for whom we work well with. So we took a close look at our core service offering, consolidating where necessary to provide a tighter list of products and services. From massive multi-phased projects, to client-facing promotions, internal communications, and marketing and sales support. We want to consult, manage, design, refine, produce, and fulfill client requests because when we see it through, it allows us to deliver stronger, more impactful solutions that clearly represent our vision.
  5. Clear Creative Process. Streamlining and better articulating our creative process has always been important to us but often difficult to define because working in a custom business, there’s no cookie-cutter formula. However, over the years, we were able to find a common thread in most projects and have since been able to create a concise 9-Step Creative Process that explains clearly what our clients can expect throughout their journey.

Color Study

What’s Changed?

‘Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.’
—Ryunosuke Satoro

Aside from our name rebrand and visual identity, we’ve consolidated our service offering into four core buckets. We aim to get involved in new initiatives earlier in the project’s lifecycle so that our experience and input may better guide your decision making. We continue to increase strategic partnerships and have completely redesigned our website for our rebrand. We’ll be focusing on acquiring and retaining larger clients with ongoing needs that we feel will benefit most from long-term collaboration. We’ll continue to increase retainer relationships as they’re away for all to do better work and grow our companies, together. It will allow us to establish a true partnership, free up bandwidth to prioritize projects and offer ongoing support. Many prefer this type of relationship because it places our team and partners at your disposal, it’s more goal than task-oriented, it eliminates the paperwork, and reduces the rigid workflow and revisions rounds.

Final Color Palette

Final Logo

What’s Next?

‘Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.’
—Steve Jobs

We’ve won a variety of awards for our efforts from NJ Ad Club, Jsspra, NJCAMMA, and GDUSA. This recognition from our business community and our peers is truly an honor and our team-driven approach has helped get us here. So out went the ‘George’ and we’ve embraced ‘Group’ to reflect this success. The CCG brand is all about dividing and conquering! We want our partners to spend time doing what they do best and leave the visual communications to us. While our clients assess the market landscape and better understand consumers wants and need, and develop ways to create a great customer experience, we’ll find ways to leverage the research and valuable insights and turn it into high-impact executions that resonate with your clients and gets them excited!

In Conclusion

‘No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.’
—Reid Hoffman

I’d like to express how very excited we are about what the future brings and I believe this change will impact everyone in a positive way as we continue to cement new relationships and retain existing ones. I’d like to thank our entire team as well as our friend Greg Milton for his collaboration on this new identity. Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design for assisting us with the web development. And Justine Clay, business coach, and friend, for advising us on how best to position our new brand. We couldn’t have pulled this off without everyone’s dedication and support. Here’s to another five years, thanks for coming along for the ride!


Owner/Chief Creative Officer

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