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Who We Are

Costello Creative Group is a multi-disciplinary and independently owned boutique creative studio that excels at developing B2B branding initiatives, print collateral, and digital marketing solutions. We’re a ‘design-first’ company with tactical execution of visual graphics being our primary focus. When a project requires an expanded scope outside of our wheelhouse, we provide direct links to our network of strategic partners providing top-shelf expertise.  

We’re industry-agnostic with a niche in the manufacturing industry – predominantly the specialty chemicals, flavors, fragrance, food, and cosmetic ingredients sectors. Our CEO has in-house creative marketing experience in manufacturing, having spent nearly a decade supporting global marketing teams with revenue-generating creative solutions. A byproduct of his experience and the team he leads is their innate ability to reimagine the branding of uninspiring products & services making them unforgettable.

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Who You Are

Our collaborations generally involve growth-minded marketers in mid-market companies ($10M to $50M in revenue) to small business owners ($1M to $10M) in annual sales. While these profiles may appear vastly different, they both share an aspiration to lead the charge and make their brand the best version of itself. They recognize that their businesses are losing opportunities due to brand confusion and dated marketing materials. By following our 3-step process to craft modern communications, their companies are able to create powerful awareness, cultivate brand trust, and build stronger relationships.

Our mantra at CCG is simple: If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, what does your brand ‘say’ when it’s not speaking, and there’s no one there to defend it?

Why us?

While many agencies insulate creative staff with layers of sales and account managers, we provide direct access to our designers avoiding unnecessary miscommunications. Due to the subjectivity of our craft, our Clients must hear the rationale behind the creative decisions being made directly from the folks that are making them. Can you imagine getting a tattoo and not being able to explain your vision to the artist, but instead having an account or salesperson relay it? We don’t think so. 

Since we hung our shingle 45 minutes outside of NYC, we’ve garnered the respect of our business community and won countless awards for creative excellence. Our CEO also had the honor of being named one of ‘Jersey’s Best Marketing & Communications Professional Under 40’.

Seeking inspiration? Check our work, and don’t miss another opportunity to be unforgettable.


Our Values

Don't miss another opportunity to be unforgettable





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