4 Expert Trade Show Booth Design Tips

trade show booth design

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Step back for a second and reflect on trade show events that you’ve attended. What and who comes to mind? Your answer is probably the rep of the company that you had the best conversation with. But what about them made you want to stop by their booth instead of others? The first answer is probably their display. The second is likely the way their brand ambassadors first interacted with you.

A successful trade show booth design isn’t difficult to pull off. But know that success depends on the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. Your brand too is capable of having a rockstar showcase if you follow some simple guidelines and play your cards right.

So, let’s talk design and interaction! Here are our Top 4 Expert Trade Show Booth Design Tips.


Today, 85% of exhibitors include some type of multimedia in their booths. Multimedia use is a simplistic and efficient way to draw attention to the three to five seconds attendees pass your booth. The more striking, the better! To initiate our expert trade show booth design tips, first utilize multi-media. You can use captivating animation, upbeat music, lit walls, large prints, retractable banners, VR, special effects, food, and fragrance to name a few. Remember that beauty is important but interaction and engagement are essential!

‘Today, 85% of exhibitors include some type of multimedia in their booths.’

So what’s the psychology behind this media thing? Here are two fun examples – Think about the Chainsmokers’ hit, ‘Closer’ or Ariana Grande’s One Last Time. Both songs are already well known, but adding animated lyrics creates a greater sense of visual interest. By tapping into multiple senses, you can create a more memorable, multi-sensorial experience. Music, similar to fragrance, has a way of bringing us back in time.

So get flashy and put your multimedia display to work, on a continuous loop. But make sure your message answers questions such as, Who is your company? What do you do? Why does your organization do it? And how can your business help? The more customized and compelling your experience is, the better your chances of having a strong turnout at your booth. Do note; you will need to respect your neighboring exhibitors, so do them a solid and choose a few select audio tracks for a change of pace as well as be conscious of your volume. Oh, and it can’t hurt to share some snacks with them.


Trade shows are tiring for both attendees and exhibitors alike, and most exhibit spaces are sans-seating. Use this to your advantage. A surefire way to lure in prospects is by having an area for people to sit for a much-needed break. Next step of our trade show booth design tips is to invite customers verbally or create custom signage towards seats. These prospects are more inclined to engage with you because heck, you’re offering free seating; something that’s in high demand but low supply.

‘Humans are incredibly visual beings. What we see has the biggest influence on how we behave.’


Next, our expert trade show booth design tips suggest sending an invite. Before your next trade show, send an e-invitation and post to social media platforms about where you will be exhibiting and when. The most important platforms are the obvious ones; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Given the multimedia capabilities of these social platforms, you can create a video teaser to attract and build your attendance list. Don’t forget to also use your company blog. Also, make sure to create a banner graphic to include in your email signature at least a month prior the event. You want everyone you correspond with to be in the know. You should also create an event page for your current customers so that they can commit to attending. Then, have your account teams contact these customers directly to schedule meeting times with them during the show. By doing so, you can discuss current business opportunities. Remember, 90% of customer buying decisions are influenced by reviews and testimonials. Your existing customers are your cheerleaders and can help sell your products or services to those walking by because you already have cemented wonderful relationships.

‘90% of customer buying decisions are influenced by testimonials.’

CCG Pro Tip: Be aware of the positioning of your prospect meeting area.

Make sure your setup is located at the front end of your booth, closest to the attendees so that they can overhear keywords that may trigger interest in your company. As one sales rep speaks to current customers, make sure there are at least two marketing people readily available to invite interested attendees to the booth. Marketers can prime prospects with general info about the company until your sales reps are available to personalize how their products or services will benefit them.


Lastly of our trade show booth design tips, once you’ve engaged a prospect, instead of starting with a sales pitch, take the time to get to know them. The key is to have them talk about themselves so that you can identify the need. They may not know what they require for their business, so use this time to identify it and you create the demand for them.

Let’s use Apple’s iPhone to highlight the importance of the identification of a customer need. Around the time the first iPhone came out, most people had access to a phone as well as a computer, but nobody had an all-in-one or even knew they wanted it. By producing the iPhone, Apple created a desire for the ease and convenience of making a phone call and browsing the web on the same device, thus the demand for smartphones.

To uncover customer needs, listen for problematic words related to benefits, customer retention, business development, product positioning, B2B relations, and employees. Last but not least, ask yourself if you and the customer switched roles, how would they approach you? When you’re listening to your prospect speak, pay careful attention to their body language and tone. It’s amazing how much this can reveal about how they feel towards certain aspects of their business. If their stance is tense or closed, it may indicate that their company is lacking in that area. If they spend significant time talking about one topic, it may be a priority goal for their business or (depending on how loudly or confidently they’re speaking) their brand’s strong suit.

Having discussions with your prospect is critical to creating warm leads. Don’t be afraid to channel your gut feeling when they’re speaking. As long as you’re actively listening, you will be able to identify what they need from you.

Have any more trade show booth design tips that will create more impact? We’d love to hear about it in our comments section below!

Firmenich ‘Asian’ Promotional Banners (left) & Troemner ‘Concierge’ Backdrop w/Side-Flanking Banners (right)


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