Why Invest in Concept Packaging?

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How many times have you decided to buy a bottle of wine because you liked the creative packaging? You’re certainly not alone.
As consumers, we make a lot of judgments about a product based on the information provided to us via the creative packaging. In a matter of seconds, we’re judging if the product is right for us, will it meet our needs, is it quality, is it worth the price, does it match our values, and so on.

Packaging acts as a gateway to the experience of a product.

Think of alcohol and fine fragrance, for example. Both sell largely due to the packaging, as there’s often no way to sample before buying, and brands go to great lengths to distinguish themselves through creative packaging.

Yet flavor and fragrance companies historically provide sample flavors and fragrances to buyers in unbranded bottles, jars, and containers. What’s exciting about that? Where’s the vision? It’s a lost opportunity to make a strong impression and influence the sale.

As a buyer for a major brand, I would want to see how a new ingredient leverages emerging trends and understand what consumers think about it before I commit to your super hip flavor or sensual space-aged fragrance. And concept packaging can help communicate those things.

Concept packaging brings the ‘wow!’

Imagine this scenario: A company presents a new fragrance to a body spray manufacturer with a powerpoint presentation, including a relevant theme and compelling story with images that relate to the fragrance. They might also pass around unbranded bottles and white testing blotters for the buyers to smell.

Now, a competing fragrance company presents a new fragrance to the same body spray manufacturer, but they’ve brought a well executed, on-brand concept packaging design of a spray bottle with a compelling design, imagery, on-pack messaging and an associated color palette — complete with the company’s logo branded on the bottle.

The buyer can immediately envision how the concept will fit into an existing product lineup or in the case of a new product, become an addition to the brand’s portfolio.

As the buyer, and assuming the fragrance passed the sniff test, which company would you choose to follow through with the project? Without even smelling the product, you can tell immediately which company has gone the extra mile to demonstrate how their product will fit in with the existing company and brand.

The same way consumers are influenced by packaging on store shelves, buyers can be influenced by concept packaging in the conference room. Using concept packaging communicates a higher level of commitment to what you’re selling.

It’s more finalized, and it shows you believed in your product enough to invest in developing it out. In short, it brings the ‘wow!’ factor to your product and presentation to help you stand out.

A great concept package design will include messaging, imagery, color palette and functionality that demonstrate your company’s deep understanding of how a product fits into, and stands out from, the current marketplace.

With a well-executed concept package design, you can subconsciously and psychologically communicate your deep understanding of the brand and the end user’s needs.

Even though the art won’t likely be used for the actual product, this investment shows you’re serious about what you’re pitching while allowing the client to see the 360 vision of the new product concept. In the end, it’s a small investment for a big win.

Concept packaging leaves a lasting impression

Unlike a standard presentation deck that might include the ubiquitous images of flowers or fruits to convey a product’s flavor or fragrance, concept packaging is unique.

It elevates a product from a sea of sameness with a memorable experience and way for the customer to engage. A buyer might receive dozens of samples, and all but the most sensitive will easily begin to forget the differences between them.

Take it a step further and print it poster size and mount it to a board branded with your logo and leave it behind. Who’s throwing that away?

A custom package design helps your sample stand out in their memory.

Why be out of sight out of mind? If you’re willing to spend the time researching the trends, understanding the consumers wants, crafting the flavor or fragrance, fine tuning it, base testing it, why not take it that one last step and package it like it came straight off the shelf?

If you want a real slam dunk, show up with consumer data that supports the packaging with it.

  • How did people react to it?
  • Was it a hit?

Perhaps selling the design execution with the sample is an option for additional ROI. And don’t stop at a single variant; showcase a full line of products and how they can be displayed together for a cohesive, branded look.

The deliverable can be a JPG image for a presentation deck, a high-resolution PDF, and/or a foam-mounted board with a high-end print to display on an easel for the big reveal.

You can also create smaller prints to pass around during the presentation — to stand in as a leave-behind for those cheap logo pens no one wants anyway.

And for your most important presentations, you can even create a single unit of product packaging that is a physical box or bottle your customers can handle and pass around.

Imagine the impact of leaving that on their desk while they consider their options…

Because you’ve spent the time and resources to design and develop an extraordinary product, you don’t want the presentation and sale of it to be an afterthought.

Packaging is a crucial element in communicating your brand story and engaging a customer for repeat business and referrals.

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