You May Be Speaking But Are You Speaking To The Right Audience?

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As a graphic design company in New Jersey, we encounter many businesses who try to be everything to everybody in their marketing and on their websites. While their intent is admirable, the reality is they aren’t sending a message that’s relevant to their target market. So, while they hope to reach anyone and everyone, the reality is they aren’t being effective at all.
When you strive to ‘not leave anyone out’ your marketing message is diluted. Instead of being specific so you can speak to the needs, desires, and wants of your target market, your website and marketing collateral are overwhelmingly general so that you can to speak to anyone who might find themselves at your website.

But, is that what you really want to do? We didn’t think so.

Define your Target Market

What you do want to do is speak directly to your target market. The way you compete in a competitive marketplace is to target your niche. We certainly aren’t advocating excluding people from doing business with you, but we are encouraging you to focus your marketing budget and efforts on a specific market. When you do this, it is much more effective and efficient and will likely lead to more sales and increased profits.

Benefits of Speaking to the Right Audience

There are several benefits to speaking to the right audience on your website and other marketing materials. Here are a few:
1.    Your message resonates with the right people: Individuals do business with companies they know, like, and trust—ones they personally connect with. You would use different images and content when you want to attract different people. When you design your website and produce content for your target market, the message will resonate more than if you are being general.
2.    High-quality leads: As a business, you need to generate high-quality leads that will eventually convert to sales. Lead generation is more efficient when you target individuals that are most likely to do business with you.
3.    Brand differentiation: Customers have a lot of options when they are looking for a company to do business with. One way to differentiate your company, website, and marketing from other competitors is to have a specific niche. Ultimately, if done correctly, your brand will be known for that particular niche and customers will choose to do business with you because you are speaking directly to who they are.
4.    Creates a focus for your team: When you speak directly to your target market, all of your endeavors are streamlined. When considering new marketing or products or services, the direction you need to go is focused on what is most relevant for your defined target market. This clarity helps your team and any partners stay aligned.

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